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Indiana Engagement Session Locations

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

My Favorite Engagement Session Locations

Coxhall Gardens Engagement session
Coxhall Gardens Engagement session

(Pictured above Coxhall Gardens, Indiana)

Picking an engagement session location sounds really difficult but sometimes it's really easy! First, start off deciding what kind of session you want. Do you want a location that means something to you as the couple, like a coffee shop where you were proposed to? Maybe you want a local park that you love? I have done a fair amount of engagement sessions in my time, but I've also fallen in love with some locations and have seen some stunning wedding venues!

One of my truly favorite locations is Coxhall Gardens in Carmel, Indiana. Coxhall Gardens has turned into my favorite because of the Amphitheater in the middle of the park that I use to capture my magical night photos. This location also has the most beautiful Willow trees during the summer time! Coxhall Gardens has a mixture of nature and some beautiful architecture.

Even though it is a bit of a drive, another location that has been a favorite of mine is Chicago. Chicago is where I had my first road trip as an adult and I immediately loved it! I love using the Navy Pier because of the variety of locations on it. For example, one side of the Pier all you can see is Lake Michigan while the other side you get the skyline. Chicago has so many options, including the Chicago Theater, Lincoln Park Zoo, and North Beach. I love doing my night photos under the theaters sign!

The Indianapolis Canal is another location on my list! There are so many spots right there on the canal are there stunning. The canal even has string lights that come on after dark, a gorgeous waterfall on one end, and White River on the other end. The Canal is a favorite of mine because my husband and I used to walk that area a lot with our dog, Lucy before we got married.

Another spot that sounds really strange is the tops of a downtown parking garage. Believe me, I know it sounds silly, but I've done a few sessions at different parking garages, and it's amazing!! Bring some pizza to share and make it a date out of it. If you have a vintage car, a sports car, or wanna rent the getaway car you'll use on your wedding, then the parking garage is definitely gonna be a cool idea.

Doing engagement sessions at Square Cat Vinyl in Fountain Square is another place that I think gets overlooked. If you are really into records and music as a couple, then this location is a must! One of my amazing couples did this last year.

The War Memorial downtown is also a great spot in the Indianapolis area.. The War Memorial has some of the most gorgeous stairs and a great view of the Indianapolis skyline. I've used the War memorial a few times for engagement sessions but even once for a wedding.

Newfields has been another great spot to recommend. There's a few areas within Newfields that are amazing. One is across the street by the Lily house, and it's a beautiful field with trees on both sides and a fountain in the back. It's absolutely gorgeous during those sunny days! When you're walking back towards the museum, you will come across an iron gate on the bridge. I truly love this spot! With Newfields, they do require a photo pass for a fee, but it is so worth it.

Holcomb Gardens is a great option because it has a mixture of trails with flowers but it also has the Mrs. James Irving Holcomb Memorial Carillon Tower. This tower is located in the middle of the gardens with a set of beautiful stairs. Even in the winter time, this area is stunning with all the pine trees and snow! Holcomb Gardens is probably my favorite location for a water engagement session!


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