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Michelle and Sasha | Ohio Wedding|

When Michelle reached to me about capturing her and her fiancés wedding, I was so excited!! She told me that Sasha haven't officially proposed yet because they were in the market of buying a house! When she told me this, I was actually relieved because my now fiancé and I were wedding planning without actually

being engaged yet! We thought we were crazy for planning a wedding when he haven't even proposed to me yet, but when I learned about Michelles story, I was so excited! We were not alone!

Doing the planning of her wedding, I had another bride need to move her date because of the COVID! I was so heart broken because I didn't know what to do about this situation. I finally had decided to find Michelle a replacement photographer but promised I'd edit the images so she could get my style! It all worked out in the end! Both brides, got to have great photographers and images!

Although I wasn't physically at this wedding, the photos turned out amazing and so did the wedding!

Thank you so much to Alicia for replacing me and capturing Michelle and Sasha's beautiful wedding day! Here are a few images, that I truly fell in love with!!

I absolutely love Michelles details because of all the pinks!! When I met Michelle in person to discuss her details, I knew her wedding was going to be AMAZING!!! for one thing, she drives a freaking pink car! I mean, Hello!! She had Harry Potter details for her cake and centerpieces, even flowers were Harry Potter themed!! I am still little disappointed that I couldn't be there to enjoy this wedding, but I am glad everything worked out!

Michelle and Sasha chose to do first look before the ceremony and you guys!! It was such a great moment!

During Sunset, they wanted to get that golden hour look!

Venue: Walden Ponds

Photographer: Alicia Marie Photography

Edited: Becky Lynn Photography


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