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Enter to Win A Free Engagement Session

What's Included?

Doing an engagement session is so much fun with Becky Lynn Photography because we get to know you as a couple! We chat about wedding planning and do a pose I like to call the drunk walk. 

Even though it is a free engagement session, I like to do my best work photographing couples in love who like some adventures!  This session isn't timed because I like to do sunset and night photos during these sessions! 

I like to give couples all the best images  from that session, which is typically 100 to 200 images just depending on how much time we are together! 

Doing an engagement session, gives  you an excuse to get dressed up and have a date night during a session! Have an ice cream cone or a slice of pizza and share it for photos, better yet have a hot dog from Costco like one of my couples did! :) 


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